As a diversified leader in our field, UrbanVirons Group aims to deliver what our customers want. We know that sometimes emergencies due to unpredictable weather or events can happen and that is why we offer our services when our customers have made an insurance claim.

We work closely with insurance companies Australia wide, claims managers and loss adjusters within the industry at large. We specialise in fast, speedy and prompt service to ensure that all insurance claims are completed and bring peace of mind to our customers.

Our professional qualified arborists and trained climbers can provide responsive and professional tree services from pruning, trimming and tree removal. We also provide emergency responses due to storm damage. Our arborists have excellent knowledge of local species of trees, as well as those not native to the region. We can provide a detailed analysis of a tree’s health and whether the tree is stressed or at the risk of becoming a danger to property.

We are also a professional member of the Australian Insurance Builders Network (AIBN). AIBN provide a communications channel through their network of insurance companies.