Our unrivalled ability to provide all related open space management services from the maintenance of trees and turf management to mowing lawns, grass slashing, fertilising and mulching programs is demonstrated at all times through well planned project management. During peak times we have the staff available to maintain required standards and detailed scheduling of resources to always maintain levels of service.

We operate across park reserves, playgrounds, large ovals, golf courses and other natural environments. We are proud to be able to provide a healthy, safe and beautiful environment for all to enjoy.

Providing a first-class range of grounds maintenance services gives our clients peace of mind knowing their open space is well looked after no matter the weather conditions.  Our parks and gardens maintenance teams have earned an enviable record in delivering a broad-range, first-class service.

Many Councils rely on UrbanVirons Group for their Open Space Management. They have peace-of-mind knowing their parks and open spaces are taken care of behind the scenes no matter the location, weather conditions or ongoing maintenance needed.