Everything UrbanVirons Group does is focused on caring for our environment. If there is a better way that we can achieve results, by using fewer resources, or by delivering our services in a more environmentally friendly way, we will endeavor to explore the best option. We have a reputation as a true environmental and carbon friendly company. As an example of this, we care a great deal about our containers not ending up in landfill and this is why we utilise the services of Drummuster. Their specialist team collect our containers and export them to their recovery centre where they are then recycled into wheelie bins, fence posts and garden stakes. Another environmental initiative we have undertaken is the installation of solar panels to our office building. We also recycle the mulch from our tree works.

In-house expenditure on R&D over the years has led to innovation and modifications to equipment and systems that are safer from a WHS and environmental perspective. An example of our continual quest to care for our environment is our Organic Steam Weeder technology. This gives our clients an opportunity to select an environmentally friendly alternative other than, the use of chemicals to kill weeds.

UrbanVirons Group’s Environmental Committee headed by our Environmental Officer, strives to maintain and update our environmental policies, procedures and policies. Continual improvement is vital in managing our impact on the environment.  Environmental Management Systems (ISO:14001-2004) forms part of our Integrated Management System which is audited and accredited annually by the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF).