At UrbanVirons Group we are dedicated to preserving the natural landscape and minimising the impact on our environment. Our qualified staff work closely with the Environment Protection Authority; Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources SA; Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure; Natural Resources South Australia; and local councils to ensure all control measures are undertaken in compliance with legislation and with minimal impact on the environment.

Some of the environmental services we offer include:

  • Carp control
  • Rabbits and foxes eradication
  • Control of Proclaimed and Noxious weed species in environmentally sensitive areas; Coolatai Grass, Chilean Needle Grass, Boneseed, African Boxthorn, Caltrop, Broom, Blackberry, Willows, Feral Olives and Hawthorn
  • Coastal protection and dune systems – we re-vegetate coastal areas to their native state whilst removing common weeds in these areas such as Artichoke thistle and other declared plants

Our Organic Weed Control division offers an environmentally friendly alternative for weed management.

For more information click here to view Organic Weed Technology.