UrbanVirons Group has been working with local and state government clients for over 40 years. We currently work with over 20 local and state government organisations and departments in the Adelaide metropolitan area and throughout the state. We perform a full scope of projects and services for these clients which include:

  • Tree planting initiatives
  • Major playground and open space reserve upgrades
  • Integrated weed management
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Arboriculture
  • Landscaping
  • Open space management
  • Street scape upgrades

Specifically, we have over 25 Parks and Gardens team members available, the majority are qualified horticulturists with many years of experience in landscape upgrades, including earth works, grounds maintenance, irrigation installation, hard paving landscaping, supply and planting of garden beds and turf, tree planting, and installation of garden furniture. We also have over 15 arborists available with a range of experience in vegetation pruning, block pruning, and working at heights (elevated work platforms and climbing). In addition, we have over 15 staff available with full pest licences that have strong experience in vehicle spraying, reserve maintenance and woody weed control.

Our long history in providing professional services to local and state governments have been successful because:

  • We understand and know the needs of local and state government clients and offer a strong commitment to delivering the best outcomes
  • We maintain close working relationships with relevant key stakeholders and relevant staff members
  • We ensure adherence to local, state and national government legislation
  • We have intimate knowledge of local and regional areas throughout South Australia