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Community Planting Day at Little Para River

Last weekend the City of Salisbury ran the first of two community planting days at the Little Para River Urban Forest project site in Salisbury Park, with the attendance of Urbans Environmental & Biodiversity Officer, Steven Lee and Operations Manager Craig Taylor.


2022 marks the second year of this project following on from the 10,000 native trees, shrubs and grasses planted & maintained in 2021 by the Urbans team. 


Urbans attended this volunteer event run by the City of Salisbury that saw around 80 volunteers attending to assist in planting and tree guarding of native plants within prepared informal garden beds. Approximately 1500 native trees, shrubs and ground covers were planted and tree guarded by volunteers from the local community and all completed before lunch!


Scouts were on hand providing a BBQ lunch and refreshments for all. The enthusiasm and drive of the volunteers was incredible, setting a cracking pace for the works at hand.


The second volunteer planting event will be held in celebration of National Tree Day on July 31st. Details regarding National Tree Day and how you can become involved can be found at or visit your local council website.