Examine any country, any organisation, any enterprise that is growing and leading-the-way, and you will always find a healthy and thriving culture that recognizes the value of research & development (R&D). It is the corner stone of any growing society.The encouragement of creative thinking, so critical to research & development success, challenges historical and accepted thought processes. It is the pursuit of something that holds the promise of discovery, solutions to problems, and future benefits for many.

It is an alluring human quest, which has given us our living standards, by all and any measure, across every aspect of life.

“Research and development in business refers to the investigative activities a business conducts to improve existing products and procedures or that lead to the development of new products and procedures.” – Investopedia

It is the coming together of the “thinkers” with the “doers”; academia with entrepreneurship; the transformation of ideas into something of tangible value and benefit.