Training & Development Program

Training and development is the key for employees to be successful in their roles, whilst at the same time creating opportunities for growth and career progress.

What we value

Our Be Skilled initiative is the driving force behind maintaining a skilled, highly productive and effective team.  The program is designed to educate, upskill and build the capacity within our team, this will benefit individuals for their future careers, our organisation and our customers and the community we service. Developing a positive attitude towards work, building morale and easy adaption to changing environments are all key focus areas and expected outcomes of our initiative.


At Urbans we grow people.

We do this by:

  • Developing employee specific training plans based on levels of skills and knowledge of individuals
  • Engaging with third party providers to deliver courses
  • Delivering in-house training sessions and development opportunities
  • Regularly evaluating, assessing and adjusting individual training plans


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