Weed & Pest

We employ a strategic approach to manage problems caused by weeds and pests. We integrate various techniques, including chemical, mechanical and organic options for the best outcomes to prevent, eradicate and control weeds – always with due consideration for the environment.

What we do

We have cultivated the quality of skills and standards necessary to be an efficient and professional solutions provider in organic and chemical weed and pest management.

We have the largest fleet of specialised spray vehicles in South Australia, all purpose fitted with equipment to suit the location and methods being carried out. Our eco-friendly, organic weed control, uses saturated steam to kill weeds quickly, safely and naturally – It reduces the risks of using chemical in public spaces and poses no risk of spray drift and interruptions associated with weather conditions.



Our staff are fully licenced and undergo regular training and assessment to ensure the delivery of a safe and quality service.

Our Weed and Pest Management covers control of pest plants, woody weeds, community weeds and flying and crawling insects and pests, in the following locations:

  • Along streets, roadsides, traffic corridors, and median strips
  • Open spaces, local parks, recreational areas, sports fields and golf courses
  • Bush care sites and coastal protection zones
  • Rural properties and rural roadsides
  • Industrial sites and around premises and storage areas

Want an eco-friendly option? Our organic weed control quickly, safely and naturally kills weeds with saturated steam. It’s perfect for reducing risk in public places and premises – without any interruptions, spray drift or damage.

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