We love trees and will provide a safe and professional approach to all your tree care needs. Our arborists are qualified, experienced and available 24/7.

What we do

We provide a full range of Arboricultural services, using specialised and cutting edge equipment to ensure works are carried out safely and efficiently.

We are committed to providing you with the best outcomes for your trees, whilst at the same time offering excellent value for money.


If you have a tree problem, we can help find a solution.

We are South Australia’s leading tree care professionals and always adhere to local council guidelines and standards.

Before undertaking works we thoroughly inspect the work zone, identifying potential hazards and accessibility issues to ensure we choose the best and safest technique – Completing your job on-time, on-budget and to the highest quality.

Our Arboriculture services include:

There are many different techniques we use during the tree removal process. These are determined by the surrounding area and will take into consideration obstacles, hazards and accessibility issues. Techniques include:

  • Manual Dismantling – Our qualified and experienced climbers physically climb the trees using rope and harness techniques. They will prune tree branches and limbs in a methodical manner, to dismantle the tree. In some instances, we will use lowering ropes and devices to control the branches and limbs to the ground in order to prevent damage to the surrounding structures, buildings or other trees
  • Elevated Work Platforms – We have a wide range of EWP’s that we use at Urbans, including truck, mounted and tracked access, for those harder to reach sites. Some are knuckle boom and others straight boom to cover every scenario we may come across. These EWP’s are used in cases where we deem the tree unsafe to climb or where the tree is close to power lines and/or buildings. Use of an EWP allows the climbers to dismantle the tree in handheld sections
  • Cranes – When our services are called upon and the tree is dangerous, large, or in an awkward area, our wealth of experience allows us to put a methodology in place to safely remove these trees with the aid of a crane. We have access to 3-tonne cranes through to 100-tonne cranes and in addition, utilise crane trucks to assist with the logistics of moving larger timber
  • Clear Felling – Where there is a large open space for larger trees or even your back yard with smaller trees; and where there is clearance from any obstacles, then clear felling a tree from ground level is the common method we use. This can be assisted with pulling ropes, winches or even wedges knocked into the back cut. As easy as it seems, this is still a method that requires a lot of skill and experience but is generally the fastest technique to remove a tree

Tree Pruning is essential for a tree’s well-being and healthy growth. Tree pruning involves trimming the crown of the tree by cutting away overgrown, unhealthy or dead branches and giving the tree a groomed natural shape and appearance. Just like any other plants, trees need to be maintained. Ignoring this much needed maintenance can lead to all sorts of issues as well as removing the tree.

Pruning could include Crown Reduction & Shaping, Crown Thinning, Crown Lifting & Raising and Dead Wooding.

Our team at Urbans Arboriculture can determine the extent to which pruning is required, for the tree to flourish and retain its vitality and the reason the tree was planted in the first place.

Urbans provide an excellent cost-effective solution for stump grinding. We use special stump grinders, which are purpose-built for the task, in accordance with the size and type of stump that requires attention.

Our stump grinding services team of professionals astutely select the right equipment for the right job, keeping in mind the location of the stump and how deeply set in the ground it is.

Whether we are clearing a single block for a new build, large acreage for a developer, industrial sites or new road construction, at Urbans we have it covered.  Our extensive knowledge in this area gives us the edge over our competitors. No job is too complex for us.

On larger sites, we will carry out a site survey to determine the best methodology to employ when carrying out the works and to determine the equipment required to deal with our client’s requests.

Where large volumes of timber are being removed, we attempt, where possible, to find ways that the timber can be recycled and used for a range of things such as habitat creation, landscaping material, school requirements or even for training organisations.

Storm damage such as high winds, lightning or even just a simple change in temperature can cause all sorts of damage. In many instances when it happens on a private property it can be disastrous.

Urbans has the knowledge and a wealth of experience in all aspects of storm damage and emergency works.

We provide a 24/7 service to ensure that any emergency requirement is dealt with as soon as possible.

Our Arborists have excellent knowledge of our local species of trees as well as those that are not native to the region. We can provide you with a detailed analysis of a tree. Whether it’s healthy, stressed or at the risk of becoming dangerous to your property or the community.

Our Arborists are aware of local council tree regulations and how they impact:

  • Tree removals
  • Tree planting
  • Tree pruning
  • Heritage status

We believe in providing the very best tree advice and work. Our team of Arborists will work in conjunction with our team of tree pruners and removers to ensure that the right decision is made for the trees, as well as the property, all in accordance with local legislation and processes.

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