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Urbans proud of Pakapakanthi

Pakakapanthi (Park 16)

In 2022, Pakapakanthi Wetland, located in Victoria Park in Adelaide’s South Parklands, was opened to the public, creating an entirely new environmental playground for the South Australian community to enjoy.

The prime parklands form an important part of the greenbelt around Adelaide’s central business district and incorporates 3.2 hectares of wetland, which enhances stormwater management by reducing the peak flows from the parklands into nearby waterways.

As part of the $13 million Pakapakanthi project, Urbans was engaged by the Brown Hill and Keswick Creeks Stormwater Board in 2021 to clear the wetlands of dormant and non-native vegetation in readiness for the site’s redevelopment.

The work, conducted by our Environmental Division, included the removal of a poplar tree grove:

  • Set out of the removal area.
  • Initial poisoning of the trees.
  • Tree removal (canopy removal followed by trunk and root ball removal)
  • Excavation of the existing soils to approximately 1.2m depth.
  • Ongoing management of potential regrowth (sprouts and suckers)

Since its official opening, the vastly improved amenity at the southern end of Victoria Park has encouraged the growth of native flora, provided home for birds and other wildlife, while also prompting increased recreational use by the public via its footpaths and walking trails.

The park is suitable for walking or jogging and is accessible for bikes, prams and wheelchairs.

Urbans was extremely proud to play a role in the development of what is now an incredible asset to Adelaide’s parklands and stormwater management.

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non-native trees being cleared. Pakapakanthi Non-native trees being removed. Pakapakanthi.