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Significant pest plant removal

Woody Weed Removal, City of Tea Tree Gully - After

Urbans’ Environmental team recently completed a significant pest plant removal project for the City of Tea Tree Gully.

The team was contracted to perform targeted woody weed & foliar herbaceous weed control at Radar Reserve. Urbans conducts these kind of works regularly for a variety of clients across metropolitan and regional South Australia.

The works included:

  • Cut & swabbing of priority targeted woody weeds with chainsaw was implemented. Desert ash (Fraxinus angustifolia) and Feral olives (Olea europea) were cut & swabbed using a chemical mix in squeezy and/or dabber appropriately labelled herbicide applicator bottles.
  • Plunge cuts were cut into the larger stumps of woody weeds then filled with chemical mix to ensure an effective kill.
  • Woody weed material was chipped straight onto site using the tracked chipper.
  • The chippings were spread into mulch bed zones, as discussed on-site with client.
  • There were several large established ash and olive trees that were felled safely by an accredited chainsaw operator.
  • There was a significant infestation of Morning glory within the contracted work zone and this was sprayed with a chemical mix. Some of the Morning glory specimens were manually removed from areas including along the foot bridge where it was growing along the railing and removed from Kangaroo thorn (Acacia paradoxa).



The significant pest plant removal work was conducted in uneven and steep terrain along with creek lines. This meant workers needed to be aware of their surroundings and the location of other team members, especially when using machinery.


Further recommendations regarding follow-up works were made, including monitoring die-back of cut & swabbing of pest trees and spot spraying of the morning glory to lead to the invasive species’ eradication on the site.

The work was completed safely and on schedule with positive comments from the client.

Urbans’ Environmental Coordinator Chelsea Balestrin said the “project was challenging but rewarding when you could see the difference it has made to the creek and its surrounds.”

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