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Targeted weed control for City of Mitcham

Sherwood Creek, Glenalta, Adelaide, South Australia

Targeted weed control is a service provided by Urbans’ Environmental Team.

We work with Local Government Authorities and businesses across Adelaide to manage sensitive and vulnerable natural sites through strategic on-ground techniques to conserve and protect the local flora and fauna species.
Working with the City of Mitcham, we recently conducted targeted weed control in Sherwood Creek at Glenalta, improving creekline aesthetics and removing invasive species.
Works methodology:

  • Brush cutting was completed through the creek line. The team took care to brush-cut around native species. Native species identified in the creek line were native Cyperus spp. and Typha domingensis.
  • Targeted foliar weed spraying in garden beds was completed and great care was taken to avoid off-target damage.
  • No chemical was used in the creek.
  • Desert ash trees were removed from the work zone using hand pull, tree popper and cut and swab method using dabber applicator bottles with 50/50 mix of glyphosate to water.
  • Hand-pull method was used for Solanum nigrum (blackberry nightshade), invasive and toxic species so that it would not grow back.
  • Small infestation of Agapanthus growing in the garden bed were mechanically removed from the site.
  • English Ivy growing in the creek was hand pulled to stop the encroaching tendrils growing toward the garden bed.
  • Fallen timber debris and desert ash were removed from the creek line and disposed of off-site at a green waste facility.

Meanwhile, a colonising waterway species, Typha domingensis, was discovered in the creek bed and snipped around.
Urbans staff recommended to the client that the plant can be beneficial for creek-line stability and water flow and should be monitored for spread.

The works removed non-native species from the waterway, while also promoting greater water flow when the creek was running.
During the works, Sherwood Creek commenced running following a rain event, forcing Urbans staff ensured all Work Health & Safety protocols were followed.

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